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The Adventures of Joe the Circle
Excitement.  Adventure.  Geometry.  Seriously, where else can you follow the adventures of a sociopathic, gun-toting circle?
The Class Menagerie
A beautifully-drawn Anthro strip.  I've been reading it for several months now, and it has yet to dissappoint.
Schlock Mercenary
I'm a sci-fi geek, which is why I love "Schlock Mercenary."  It's funny, it's informative, and it's painstakingly accurate where the "Science" part is concerned.  A must-read.
Randym Thoughts
Sort of a latter-day "Far Side" that goes places Larson never dreamed of.  Or that his syndicate rejected.  Either way, this is a darkly funny strip.
Sluggy Freelance
What--you think I'd really have a links page without mentioning "Sluggy?"  I think it's some kind of law that every Keenspacer has to link to it.  And for good reason.
A very nice strip about an imaginative girl and her down-to-Earth friend.  It sounds trite, but it really isn't.
Ozy and Millie
This strip has been favorably compared to "Calvin and Hobbes," and I wholeheartedly agree.
Nip and Tuck
Fat Jesus!
BoxJam's Doodle
Vicious Lies
General Protection Fault
Life on Forbez
Lang Lang
Greystone Inn

General Humor

Dave Barry.  The man all aspiring humorists wish they could be.  I literally learned to read from his columns back in the '80s (explains quite a bit, actually).

Eric Snider.  The Dave Barry of Utah.  You can thank Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary for leading me to this site.

Very, very funny stuff.  An online magazine dedicated to printing, well, funny stuff.

An online magazine by the same people who brought you MST3K.  It was discontinued literally two days after I discovered it (I'm that influential), but the archives are still good for a couple hours' fun.

Personal Sites
These are personal homepages that contain links to this site.  This may be an incomplete list.

The Joel Page
This page is owned and operated by avid Kan Kong supporter Joel Glidden, AKA JOE!(L), Captain Kool-Aid, and Wizzlenitz.  He also owns and operates the Neft-O Network.
Jorenko's Domain
This one caught me by surprise.  I had no idea that fellow MoBster Jack Jorenko had linked to me (or that he even had a site!) until I saw his URL in my logs.  Hey, thaks for the hit, buddy!

Link Policy
Crudely Drawn Adventures is intended to be a family-rated strip, suitable for all ages.  As a result, we prefer to link only to other such pages.  The comics and humorists you see endorsed here contain nothing you wouldn't see in a PG-rated movie.  If you are offended by any of these, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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