Don't know much about
The greatest story ever told!
About Kan Kong, anyway.

     The tale of this web site is a short and relatively dull one. Kan Kong was created by Jeremy May in the spring of 1997, when he and Dan Frioli were in the 8th grade at Marshall Middle School in Columbia City, Indiana. Kong was a character in Jeremy's comic book, Kan Kong vs. Kanzilla. Dan joined in the production of the comic about halfway through the process. While he didn't actually draw anything (let's face it, I'm no artist), he did help with the plot and sound effects.

     Some of the strip's other characters developed at about the same time as Kan Kong, but independently. Maxwell began as a caricature of one of Dan and Jeremy's teachers (no, I won't say which!) at Marshall. To this day, Max is one of the few faces that Dan can draw, if not well, then at least consistantly.

     Dan and Jeremy have worked together on a few other (abortive) comics, including a sequel to Kan Kong vs. Kanzilla, Kanzilla vs. Kanthra. They also created a concept for a humorous science-fiction comic, entitled Pardon, Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?

     High school saw the creation of a new character:  Super Captain Spiffy Man.  Super Captain Spiffy Man was created durning Dan's senior year for a children's book entitled "The Adventurous Adventures of Super Captain Spiffy Man," a book so riddled with inadvertant subliminal messages that the kid it was written for is going to be the next Marilyn Manson.

     Our heroes are now college freshmen, Jeremy at Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne, and Dan at Ball State University. One day, for no obvious reason, Dan started doodling, and before long he had created a brand-new Kan Kong Komik! He quickly bought a drawing pad and proceeded to write several comic strips. Inspired by The Adventures of Joe the Circle, he decided to post the comics on the Internet. This website is the first exposure they've gotten, so please be kind.

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