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The art that is Kan Kong

The art and literature on this page aren't all Kan Kong-related--especially the literature.  But they were all created by Dan Frioli, so that's gotta count for something.  Right?  Right?

Sgt. Bomar's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Inspired by a member of the message board, this was the first Kan Kong album cover.

Kanny Road
The next step after "Sgt. Bomar's," this cover was created as a prize for the Character Contest.  It's since been lost (I'll find it, Strange, or die trying!).

The Banana Tree
Inspired by both U2's "The Joshua Tree" and the Bloom County book "Billy and the Boingers Bootleg," this is my favorite to date.

Ever wonder what I really look like?  This isn't exactly a photo, but it's a lot closer than the strip.

The Possum
A very rare undertaking for me--a serious short story.  I consider this one of my best.  It's a true story, by the way--I haven't changed a thing.

Printed in the 2000 Upsilon, winner of the 
Pen & Ink award.

Tony vs. The Beast
A humorous short story that began as a serious one.  I could tell after the first paragraph that this story wanted to be funny, so I indulged it.

Printed in the 2001 Upsilon.

O Give Me a Ship

Sometimes, the muse strikes.  In this case, it struck at lunchtime.  I tossed this poem out in twenty minutes, then spent another day polishing it.  Inspired by the works of Robert Service, this is most definitely not to the tune of "Home on the Range."

Printed in the 2001 Upsilon, winner of the Laureate Scholarship Award
($75, which I spent on a passport)

Super Captain Spiffy Man
(Brush and India Ink)

In my constant quest to better myself artistically, I recently acquired some brushes and India ink.  Here's my best work with them to date:  a stylized picture of Super Captain Spiffy Man.

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