Okay, so we wanted an FAQ page. 
Trouble is, people never ask questions.
Never Asked Questions

Shouldn't that be "a FAQ page?"
What, exactly, is Kan Kong?
Who are Sergeant Bomar and Simon Jester?
I was transferred here from www.kankong.bomar.net.  What's with that NamePlanet thing?
Is this really how you draw, or is the "crudely" thing just a gimmick?
Who is Dan Frioli?
Who is Jeremy May?

"Shouldn't that be 'a FAQ page?'"

It all depends on your pronunciation.  If you pronounce it "Fakk," then yes, it should be written "a FAQ page."  I, however, pronounce it the long way--"eff-ay-kyoo"--and so say "an FAQ page."

"What, exactly, is Kan Kong?"

I'm not really sure.  Some of the banners refer to him as a "small, hairy can," but that's mostly for the rhyme it allows.  I usually think of him as a tiny, cylindrical ape, but either way works.

"Well if he's an ape, how can he talk?"

What kind of imaginary nut asks that kind of question?  He's a cartoon character, for Bob's sake!  Okay, calm down, it's a legitimite question.  I dunno, really.  He just, well, does.  If it helps you to think of this as an anthro strip, go ahead.

"Who are Sergeant Bomar and Simon Jester?"

Those are Dan's screen names.

"Why are there two?"

It's a long story.

"I like stories!  Tell me about it!"

Are you sure?


Well, it all began a couple of months ago.  Dan was known as Sergeant Bomar on several boards, and was rather mild-mannered.  He then discovered that he was being impersonated on other boards by a person who liked to incite flame wars that way.  Fortunately, this person had incriminated himself before, so it was always possible to prove Dan's innocence.  Upon discovering the Keenspot message boards, Dan decided to call himself "Simon Jester" in order to avoid the possibility of being recognized by irate board users.

"I was transferred here from www.kankong.bomar.net.  What's with that NamePlanet thing?"

Back when this site was hosted by AngelFire, it had a much more complex URL.  Looking for a way to get something a bit easier to remember, Dan subscribed to NamePlanet, which provided a shorter URL.  However, the redirect command on the old page can't seem to shake the NamePlanet frame, so it remains on the screen.  We're working on it.

"Is this really how you draw, or is the whole 'crudely' thing just a gimmick?"

This comic represents the limits of Dan's drawing capabilities, although he's trying to improve.  Watch for style changes in coming months!

"Who is Dan Frioli?"

Dan is the creator of this strip, as well as the creator of most of the characters and the primary artist.  He's also the designer, builder, and maintainer of the site.  Any comments or complaints should probably go to him.

"Who is Jeremy May?"

Jeremy is Kan Kong's original creator.  Actually, Kanny is one of many can-shaped characters created by Jeremy, others including Kanzilla and Kanthra.  Jeremy's a much better artist than Dan, and it's hoped that he'll soon contribute some original strips of his own.

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